With a biological system, fertility is returned to the soil, crops and farm animals. Restoring fertility is not a short term project, it takes time using the correct procedures, and you as the grower will gain knowledge and see tremendous benefits from your actions, including personal satisfaction, a healthier lifestyle and a better bank balance.

Building a biological soil profile will create greater organic matter, increase soil carbon, balance soil nutrients, grow better crops, and increase soil biological activity and soil species. All these things plus many more have a great multiplying effect within the soil profile such as increasing natural sugars within the plant, which means less insect/ pathogenic fungal attack, reducing watering by building carbon in the soil profile, buffering seasonal changes, balancing the soils’ populations of bacteria and fungi to support the crop that is grown, plus many more benefits for you as the grower.

Restoring fertility to your soil means that you are in control of what happens on your farm.

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