Following on from our discussion about Reducing Production Costs:

To understand crop yield and crop quality I believe that first, we need to understand what a plant consists of:

A healthy plant is made up of 80% water and 20% dry material.

80% Water- is self-explanatory, but quality water is an issue we may all face in Australia.

20% Dry Material:   break down of 47% carbon, 43% oxygen, 4% hydrogen, 3% nitrogen and 3% soil nutrients.

Now the first four elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen all exist in the air.

In fact, every breath we inhale is 78% nitrogen, so if the air consists of 78% of nitrogen, then WHY do I have to buy so much nitrogen? Good question!!!

The simple answer is that the requirement to buy more nitrogen is because the soil is short of one or all of the three elements, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Why does the soil become deficient in carbon, oxygen and hydrogen? The initial answer is farming practices that have been used up to this point in time, and the second reason is: “that is the way nature operates”.

So, to achieve the best results, go about building these soil elements within your soil’s profile and build a strong biological system.

A natural, strong biological operating system together with a balanced soil profile will increase your returns and produce high-quality crops, whilst reducing input costs and creating healthier living conditions.

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