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First of all, a soil test is required so we can understand the starting point for your soil.

The Soil Sample

The correct manner in which a sample is taken is important, to get precise results. We can visit your property and take the soil sample for you, or because of distance from one of our agents, we can instruct you on how to take a soil sample. This “How to …” can be emailed, texted or instructed over the phone.

It is important that the soil sample is sent to the correct independent laboratory, and we highly recommend one of two laboratories:

Swep Analytical Laboratories
P.O. Box 583, Noble Park, Victoria 3174


EAL – Southern Cross
P.O. Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480


The “Why”

Maybe for a number of reasons, it could be that you want to change from synthetic fertilisers, or you may want a better crop return, to use fewer chemicals, to transition into organic production, to offset the effects of climate change, or just to get healthier results for your animals, crops and you.

The “why” is important,

The “why” will give you heart when you start to note changes,

The “why” will give you the reason to change your current practices, even though these practices may have been operating for many years.

The “why” will give you the gumption to say “NO THANKS” to your current fertiliser, insecticide, fungicide or herbicide supplier.

The “why” will give you strength to persevere during the transition phase, when things may not appear to be heading in the right direction, but under the soil great transition is in progress.

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