Our Certified Organic Products Include

Living Earth, CMP 0-8-0, N-Fix Ag, and Neem Cake.

Living Earth

Is a granular combination of minerals, carbons, paramagnetic energy and humate. These are scientifically blended to achieve a highly active soil stimulant with the following characteristics:

  1. Water-holding capacity in the soil profile (particularly sand).
  2. A CEC reading of 14.2, enables good nutrient uptake to the plant.
  3. Demonstrates elevation of a plant’s natural sugars, which in turn adds flavour to fruit and vegetables.
  4. Ongoing effectiveness in the soil for around 5 years.

CMP 0-8-0

Phosphorus 8 %, Calcium 23%, Magnesium 12% and Silica 11%, plus many other trace elements with ppm.

This is a thermo-calcium, magnesium, phosphate (95% plant available).

It is not soluble in water, therefore it needs soil acidity to release nutrients.

It has the same neutralising effect as Aglime.

Being a grit, it will have reduced spread from machinery compared to CMP 0-7-0.

N-Fix Ag

A unique product infused with a biological liquid, enhancing plant growth.  It is the only product that we are aware of that significantly reduces high iron within the soil profile over a two – three year period, actually breaking the soil iron down. In one case 1700 ppm reading was reduced to 400 ppm in an eighteen-month period.

Neem Cake

Is a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner that adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil profile. This stops the leaching of minerals and has properties that keep pests in check.

Consists of Phosphorus 0.5-1.00%, Potassium 1-2%, Calcium 0.7%, Magnesium 0.5%, Sulphur 1.2% and Nitrogen 3-5%.

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