Our Biological Granular Products

CMP 0-7-0, N-Fix Ag, Soft Rock Phosphate, and Bio-Stimulant

CMP 0-7-0

Phosphorus 7 %, Calcium 18%, Magnesium 9%, and Silica 12%, plus many other trace elements with ppm.

Very low in heavy metals, acid-soluble, breaks down to grit with all the soil characteristics of grit.

Granular 2-4 ml for easier spreading.

N-Fix Ag

A unique product infused with a biological liquid, which enhances plant growth. N-Fix Ag is the only product that we are aware of that significantly reduces high iron within the soil profile over a two – to three year period, actually breaking the soil iron down. In one case a 1700 ppm reading was reduced to 400 ppm in an eighteen-month period.

Soft Rock Phosphate

Calcium 24 %, Phosphorus 10%, Silica 26%, Iron 2 %, with nine other elements with ppm.

This product is naturally mined and is usually available as a powder. In our case, it is granular 2-4 ml (not prill), which makes it very easy to spread with most agricultural equipment, unlike powder which has to be applied with a belt spreader.


Is a blended mixture of 9 products to produce a highly effective nutrient blend to apply to any fruiting plant, vegetables, flowering plants and a large range of potted plants e.g., roses, camellias and general potlines.

Results have shown extremely good results with blueberry bushes approximately 1-2 metres tall. These were applied with 60 grams of Bio-Stimulant and subsequently displayed excellent growth and fruiting.

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