When you buy Soilcharge products you are dealing with an Australian business which is family-owned and family run.

We work with growers of gardens, sport fields and farmers to promote healthy, fertile soil and premium crops & pasture of all sorts.

Our products counter and improve the naturally poor and depleted Australian soil by adding structure, friability and sustainability. We do this by adding minerals, microbe, fungi and other nessary elements to promote healthy, living soil.

Our products balance soil, restore fertility by adding then sustaining the environment for heathy, active microbes and positive bacteria. Once the soil is healthy and active again crop, field and pasture quality improves, production costs go down, effort to maintain improvement is minimised, use of checmical and fungicides will be reduced or deleted… and best of all input costs and time are reduced significantly.

Soilcharge products are suitable for all commercial, rural and residential applications.


Our products have so many benefits…Soilcharge products:
  • are environmentally friendly
  • are realistic
  • include biological stimulants to make happy, healthy soil
  • introduces and maintains micro-organisms in the soil
  • release locked up nutrients
  • promote aeration in the soil
  • enhances earthworm activity and population
  • increase soil fertility
  • assists in breakdown of clay structured soils
  • stabilises sandy soils
  • increases pH of acidic coil and then maintains healthy mid range pH
  • supplies and increases organic carbon
  • maximises natural nitrogen production
  • breaks down toxicity in soil
  • is safe for Australian Natives
  • improves and enhances plant nutrient uptake and conversion
  • increase plant & pasture tolerance to stress such as drought and cold
  • increase root depth and and vigour
  • improves lant strength and density
  • improves resistance to insect pest and disease
  • increase natural sugars in plants leading to better quality flowering and improved fruit and vegetable yield
  • can be spread using standard farm equipment – spreaders and sprayers
  • reduce water usage
  • reduce or even remove the need for use of chemical
  • reduce production costs
  • increase crop yield in quality and quantity
  • 90% of our products are certified organic

The natural process of applying Soilcharge products is the gradual increase in pH.

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