Soilcharge Bio-K

Soilcharge Bio-K

Bio-K supplies the potassium that the soil needs to be truly productive.
It is a great source of potassium and it is in a form that makes it easily taken up by your plants.

Potassium aids in fruiting of various crops.

Mixing Bio-Active, Bio-Catalyst & Bio-K

The trio combination has been proven as very effective. In commercial use for over 15 years it has been applied by vegetable growers, strawberry growers, blueberry growers, cherry growers, vineyard and numerous others in the food producing industry.

The process creates an environment where biological process can proliferate thus produce top quality fresh fruit or vegetables.

A note of caution when mixing the products with water always ensure that the Bio-K is added last, when at least 60% of water has been added to the two part mixture, NB: if you add the three products in their neat state together coagulation will occur.

The recipe for the three items listed above is as follows:

  • 40 litres Bio-Active/hectare

  • 20 litres of Bio-Catalyst /hectare

  • 10 litres Bio-K / hectare

After the first two or three consecutive applications where the applications is to trees, vines or bushes the Bio-Active may be reduced to 20 litres, however vegetable growers would need to continue at the original rate (40 litre/Ha). The combination of this system is very effective and will work for you, provided the ratios are adhered to, consult the Soilcharge person to vary application rates and frequency

PLUS For maximum return on investment alternate the Bio-Active, Bio-Catalyst and Bio-K mixture applications with the Fish Emulsion and Kelp

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Bio-K 20 litre

Bio-K 20 litre

Soil needs Potassium to be truly productive. Soilcharge Bio-K provides this Potassium when it is mis..

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