Certified Organic Liquid

Certified Organic Liquid

We have a range of Soilcharge Certified Organic Products.

Easy to spread, liquid application, using standard tractor equipment.

We have a range of products to:

  • activate & feed your soils' biology
  • add minerals and nutrients
  • clean & purify your dam

The Certified Organic Liquid Range includes

  • Bio-Active    - a Biological Stimulant
  • Bio-Boost   - a 50/50 mix of Bio-Active & Bio-Catalyst
  • Bio-Catalyst  - feeds the activated biology
  • Bio-Clean  - cleans fouled water eith biology
  • Bio-K  - Potassium in a Bio-state
  • Bio-Pasture  - Bio-feed specifically for pasture growth
  • Fish Emulsion 
  • Kelp/Seaweed

90% of them are Australian Made.  All of them are effective!

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